Check Engine Light

Expert European Auto Check Engine Light Service Provider in Las Vegas

There are dozens of potential explanations as to why your check engine light is on in your car and the only way to accurately find out exactly what the problem is requires the proper code reader for your make and model. While dealerships and name brand service centers have the tools to help you, their high costs and inexperienced technicians can lead to more headaches in the form of misdiagnosis or incomplete services. Instead of overpaying for minimal service see why so many drivers throughout Las Vegas prefer the expert mechanics at European Motor Cars Las Vegas.

We specialize in the service and repair of European-made vehicles meaning we know the common causes of your check engine light and fast, affordable solutions. We offer code readings and diagnosis for all models of the following manufacturers:

European Auto Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Recognizing the Problem

Our technicians have decades of experience working with European vehicles and we understand the importance of thorough work. Using the latest diagnostic equipment we check every possible cause of your check engine light, working to find a faster, more affordable solution without sacrificing quality. While other service centers may only diagnose the problem our shop handles all repairs in-house as well including:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Bad spark plugs

We use the manufacturer replacement materials to further ensure quality while also keeping your car 100% original.



Affordable Service in Your Neighborhood

European Motor Cars Las Vegas is proud to service vehicles from areas including:

We treat each vehicle with the same care and attention to detail we give our own cars, guaranteeing your satisfaction with any and all of our services. If your check engine light is on don’t drive any longer, simply call European Motor Cars Las Vegas today to speak with one of our shop’s mechanics and schedule an appointment today.

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