An oil pan gasket is a rubber seal that keeps the oil pan sealed to the bottom of the engine of a car. Because the engine has lots of moving parts that need to be lubricated using oil, having this oil sealed into the engine is obviously of great importance. This is because this gasket prevents oil from leaking out of the engine and into the other parts of the car.

While the Jaguar is one of the most efficient vehicle models in the auto market, it is not immune to flaws and issues of its own. One of the problems that some Jaguar owners have complained about previously is the issue of leaks in the oil pan gasket. The Jaguar is very specific about the quality of oil that is needed in its engine in order to function optimally. This oil needs to be clean and debris-free.

Issues Arising from a Failing Oil Pan Gasket

An oil pan gasket plays a huge role in the overall functioning of the engine. This is why when it fails, a number of problems may arise. Some of these problems include:

  • Oil leaking out of the oil pan into the other parts of the car. This may be characterized by pools of oil under the car or the smell of burning fuel in the engine compartment. This burning oil can also lead to some smoke coming from the engine of the car which, needless to mention, is a fire hazard.
  • Increasingly low levels of oil in the engine that will lead to the check engine oil illuminating on the dashboard. This can also be a result of a leak in the gasket and will hamper the performance of the engine.
  • Increased friction and overheating of the engine will result from low levels of oil due to the leaking oil. If left unchecked, the engine may be left with extensive damages.

Benefits of Having a Good Oil Pan Gasket

Given the important role that the oil pan gasket plays in the proper functioning of an engine, the benefits of having a fully functional one cannot be underscored. Some of these benefits include:

Efficiently running engine

Considering how well-lubricated the engine needs to be in order to function properly, a functioning oil pan gasket that ensures that your Jaguar’s engine is supplied with oil is important. This will ensure that lubrication of all the moving parts of the engine are at 100% and in turn ensure that your engine runs efficiently. You will also be able to accelerate and decelerate easily as a result of the engine functioning correctly.

Improved fuel efficiency

A working oil pan gasket will ensure that there are no leaks in the engine oil. This means that the engine will be working as it should and therefore the fuel consumption will also be efficient.

Longevity of the car parts

A constantly oiled engine will have longer shelf life because the wear and tear of the parts as a result of friction is significantly reduced. This can only be guaranteed by a good oil gasket working to prevent the level of oil in the oil pan from going too low and causing engine failure.

Reduced fire hazards

When the oil pan gasket is working as it should, there will be no leakage of engine oil into the other parts of the car or even on the ground. Moving car parts tend to get really hot, and this can cause the leaking fuel or oil to ignite. Alternatively, as a result of increased friction in the engine parts, sparks may be produced and the risk of fire increased as well.

Trust the Professionals

Jaguar Oil Level Check

Having a good oil pan gasket may lead to an improved driving experience because all these car parts are related and failure of one part will consequently be felt in the entire car. Replacing an oil pan gasket is a task that is best left to the certified professionals. This is why European Motor Cars, a certified luxury brands repair shop is the best choice available for residents of Summerlin, Spring Valley, Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. We have the experience and cutting edge knowledge to ensure that your Jaguar gets back on the road with a fully functional oil pan gasket. Making that call to get an appointment with our licensed technicians is all you need to do.

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