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Volkswagen Bad Muffler

Signs of Muffler Bracket Failure in Volkswagen

Volkswagens were designed to last. After a time, they do require maintenance. For a Volkswagen to last for many years to come it is important that you stay current on regular maintenance. One part that needs to be replaced is…
Volkswagen Oil Sludge

Easy Methods to Remove Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

An often unforeseen problem that arises in Volkswagens is the buildup that can occur from other parts. There are a myriad of components in the engine bay and other parts that give off byproducts as a result of what is…
Volkswagen Engine Not Starting

Tips to Detect Wiring Harness Failure in a Volkswagen

In recent years, cars have become more technologically advanced, including Volkswagen models. Many controls that drivers manually had to operate are now done by simply pushing a button. In order for these to work, cars are equipped with computers that…
Volkswagen Teramont

Tips to Fix Wiring Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

With the simple push of a button, Volkswagen owners can enjoy an array of automated features made possible through advanced computerized systems. These systems use electrical power to function via wires connected to a source of power, oftentimes the battery.…
Volkswagen Fuel Consumption

Reasons Behind Your Volkswagen’s Increased Fuel Consumption in Las Vegas

Best known for their distinctive styles such as the Beetle and the highly desirable VW Camper Van, Volkswagens have been a favourite of drivers for well over 50 years. Particularly loved by multiple owners time and time again, secondhand, thirdhand,…
Volkswagen Coolant Warning

When Should You Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor in Your Volkswagen?

Volkswagens are high-quality German-engineered vehicles that can provide years of quality service. Despite their dependability, Volkswagens can have problems that require repairs. The coolant temperature sensor is a common part that sometimes requires replacement on a Volkswagen. The coolant temperature…
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