Your Volkswagen might experience symptoms of valve cover gasket failure. It is imperative that you are familiar with the symptoms to save your German machine from worse damage. A valve cover gasket is an engine component made of plastic, rubber and cork intended to hold oil inside the crankcase and protect cylinder head hardware from the elements. The engine must be in a position to hold oil to facilitate the lubrication of the engine, valves, and pistons.

Your valve cover gasket can be damaged through loose bolts on the cover, poor service during replacement, a suction jet pump clog, or a brittle or cracked valve cover gasket. If this occurs, your Volkswagen will lose oil and lead to your engine’s failure. Below are some of the signs that your VW will show if the valve cover gasket has failed.

A Burning Smell

Every driver, not only VW owners, should be very concerned when they get a whiff of a burning smell from the hood while driving. A burning smell is not normal while driving your VW and is a likely indication that oil is leaking from the valve cover gasket. Once the oil starts to leak from this gasket, it flows to the manifold. The heat on the manifold burns the oil; hence, the burning smell. You need to find a certified mechanic to expeditiously fix this problem to avoid more damage to your engine.

Strange Sounds When the Engine is Running

Normal engine noise is distinctive and simple to detect. Normally, your engine is devoid of clanking sounds, whistling, whirring, or loud idling. However, if your engine is making a weird and unusual sound or running roughly, it could mean that your engine oil is leaking through your valve cover.

As the oil leaks, it finds its way into the spark plugs and into the spark plug tubes. This immensely reduces engine performance and also leads to engine misfiring. This can result in loud noises, slow acceleration, or a jerking motion while accelerating. This could be because of a failed valve cover gasket or loose valve cover bolts.

Low Oil Levels

Unusually-low oil levels indicate that there is an oil leak in your VW. As the oil escapes from the valve cover gasket, it equally reduces from the oil pan triggering a check engine light. Low oil levels reduce the potential for proper lubrication of the engine parts. As a result, excessive heat will build up putting the engine at high risk of damage.

Low oil levels will lead to increased oil viscosity, oil filter problems, oil pressure gauge problems, and engine wear and tear. If you notice, take your vehicle to a certified mechanic immediately for check up.

A Dirty Valve Cover

A dirty valve cover indicates an oil leak from the cover. Under the hood, the oil will collect dirt and debris resulting in a caked deposit on the gasket. This deposit is usually a thick layer of dark, oily sludge rather than the regular dirt. Find a reputable mechanic to fix this before your engine runs into more problems.

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