The engine of your Volkswagen is a critical component because it is the vehicle’s main source of power. The engine burns fuel to produce mechanical power and also needs oil to lubricate the different moving parts within the engine. If the engine oil of your Volkswagen leaks, the different moving parts of the engine will grind against each other, causing damage to the engine.

Hence, always check the oil level in your engine and refill when necessary to prevent the breakdown of the engine.

Common reasons responsible for engine oil leaks in Volkswagen

  • Worn out oil gasket: The oil gasket is a component found in the engine that helps to prevent fluids from mixing. Over time, the oil gasket will break, and oil will start leaking out.
  • Worn out oil drain plug and oil pan: The drain plug makes it easier for you to remove old oil after the engine has used it. If the plug gets worn out or is not covered correctly, the oil will leak out of the engine. Ensure that the oil drain plug is well-sealed.
  • Factory negligence: More often than not, it is the fault of the factory. The factory technicians might have installed faulty gasket seals or poorly-fitted gasket seals. Factory negligence might be the reason for oil leakage in your Volkswagen.
  • Damaged oil filter: Sometimes, after refilling the engine oil of your Volkswagen, you will notice that the oil starts leaking immediately. The immediate oil leak is a direct indication that the oil filter is damaged or installed wrong. Call a Volkswagen specialist to have it fixed.

Diagnosis of Engine Oil Leaks

To diagnose a Volkswagen of engine oil leakage, you will have to pay attention to the common warning signs:

  • Oil underneath the car: Finding oil underneath your vehicle is the most obvious sign of engine oil leakage. When you move your car to go to work or for errands, begin to get into the habit of glancing at the place you park to check for any leaking fluids.
  • Coloured smoke: When the engine in your Volkswagen starts leaking oil, the smoke color emitted from the engine will change. You will notice blue-colored smoke coming from the tailpipe. When you see this, report your findings to our Volkswagen specialists for inspection and repairs.
  • Unusual smell: If the engine leaks oil, you will constantly smell burnt oil when your car is in motion. Smelling burnt oil is a sign that the engine is leaking.
  • Overheating engine: If you pay attention to the dashboard of your Volkswagen, you’ll notice a sudden increase in the engine temperature if you are leaking oil. There could be other reasons for the temperature spike, so have a Volkswagen expert run a full inspection on your vehicle before concluding that it is caused by oil leakage.
  • Oil loss: Constantly checking the oil level in your engine is an integral part of routine maintenance. If you do this, you will notice when the engine starts running out of oil faster than usual. A significant drop in oil level is an indication of oil leakage.

European Motor Cars Will Fix the Oil Leak in Your Volkswagen

Diagnosing and repairing an oil leak in your Volkswagen can be tricky for the layman. Some car owners turn to YouTube to watch DIY videos to fix their cars, Volkswagen Engine Oil Level Check and if you have the knowledge and equipment, doing it yourself can work, but it can have repercussions. In repairing it yourself, you may damage more parts and incur more expenses than if you took it to an experienced mechanic.

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The oil leak in your Volkswagen is an easy fix for our experts, because they have an all-round factory training. Our clientele in Spring Valley, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Las Vegas, NV can testify to our quality services. To book an appointment, kindly call us or visit our website today!

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