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Audi Catalytic Converter Failure: Causes & Prevention

If you own an Audi, you may have heard of catalytic converter failure, which can lead to expensive repairs and decreased performance. So first, let’s define what a catalytic converter is and what it does. A catalytic converter is a…

Why Your Audi is Making Grinding Sounds When the Brakes are Applied

If you’ve ever heard your brakes grinding, you know it’s not a pleasant sound. Brake grinding can be caused by a variety of issues, but the most common cause is worn brake pads. When brake pads wear down, they no…
Audi Shaky Steering Wheel

Contact Our Audi Specialists in Las Vegas for a Shaky Steering Wheel

While Audi’s are designed and engineered to be one of the best car brands in the industry, they still have a few common problems. One of the most obvious is when the steering wheel begins to shake. It is important…
Audi O2 Sensor

Customary Causes of Premature O2 Sensor Failure in an Audi in Las Vegas

While Audi manufactures all of its vehicles with top-quality parts and technology, some parts may experience failure. Premature oxygen sensor failure is commonly reported among Audi drivers. Below you will learn more about what the O2 sensor is and what…
Audi EGR Valve

The Best Garage to Replace an EGR Valve in Your Audi in Las Vegas

Audi has been a dominant force in the luxury car industry, even as a relative newcomer forming as the company known today only six decades ago. These cars are built for durability, safety, and a luxurious ride. Although they will…
Audi Camshaft Tensioner Leak Sign

Warning Signs of a Camshaft Tensioner Leak in Your Audi

Audi’s drivers should not have to spend their time worrying about their camshaft tensioner working. Although car repairs and maintenance are part of car ownership, regular tune-ups and inspections can cut down on this dramatically and keep your Audi‘s components…
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