While Audi’s are designed and engineered to be one of the best car brands in the industry, they still have a few common problems. One of the most obvious is when the steering wheel begins to shake.

It is important to know why your Audi’s steering wheel is shaking and how to fix it. Let’s dig deeper into the possible causes.

Causes of a Shaky Steering Wheel in Your Audi

The shaking could be felt while driving or while stopped at a red light and may be caused by a problem in the steering system or with the tires and wheels. If you are driving your car and notice that your steering wheel starts shaking, try turning slightly to one side or the other (while still going straight). If the shaking stops, it is probably something wrong with one of your tires or wheels. If you notice that your Audi starts shaking when you are stopped at a light, it could indicate a problem with your brakes.

The following are some of the reasons why your Audi’s steering wheel may be shaky:

Broken Belt

One or both front tires may have a broken belt inside the tire. This condition causes a shimmy in the steering wheel while driving on a smooth road surface at any speed.

Warped Brake Rotor

A warped brake rotor could be rubbing against one or both brake pads only when the brakes are applied. This will cause shaking and/or pulsation in the steering wheel, which can be felt through the brake pedal as well.

Warped rotors can also occur without having any contact with the brake pads, causing a pulsation in the steering wheel and possibly a wobble in the car (but not always) even without braking.

Faulty Universal Joints

Another possibility could be the universal joints on your axles. These are what allow your wheels to go up and down while the axle spins (which allows you to hit bumps without breaking anything). If the joints are faulty, your steering wheel may start to shake.

Bent Rims

A bent rim can cause the steering wheel to shake. The rim has to be straightened by a professional rim straightener, usually at a tire shop. If you don’t get the rim straightened, it can cause an accident.

Out of Round Tires

If one or more tires are out of round, it will cause the steering wheel to shake when you reach certain speeds. It’s often hard to determine if the tires are causing it while they’re still on the car. The best way to determine if it’s the tires would be to swap the front two tires with each other and see if that changes which direction the steering wheel shakes in.

What to Do if Your Audi has a Shaky Steering Wheel

A loose part of your car can also cause vibrations that are felt through the steering wheel. If you have an Audi, it is important to have your mechanic check your vehicle for any loose parts which can lead to damage if they are not repaired promptly.

The most important things to check when you have a shaky steering wheel are:

  • Tires: Check the tread on your tires and ensure each tire has the proper air pressure. If one or more tires are worn unevenly or if any of them appear to be out of balance, have them checked out or replaced as needed. You should also have the alignment checked as required by your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations (normally every 6,000 miles).
  • Front End: Check your car’s front end to make sure it is not loose or bent in any way which may have caused it to be out of alignment or damaged any suspension parts. Your tires should not wear unevenly if they are properly aligned and balanced; if they do, something is causing this to happen and needs to be fixed.

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