When driving a prestigious car like a Jaguar you should do your best to ensure it is well maintained. One of the ways to maintain your Jaguar and keep it running smoothly is by ensuring there is no oil leak. Oil leakages can cause you a lot of trouble and even cause engine damage. In extreme cases, it can even leave you stranded on the roadside. Let us dig deeper into some of the main reasons for engine oil leaks in Jaguars and what actions you can take to avoid them.

Reason For Oil Leaks In Jaguars

  • Worn Seals: Oil leaks from your Jaguar can be caused by many factors, one of which is a worn gasket and seal. As your engine is put to work, the gaskets and seals that are supposed to keep the oil from leaking out of the engine begin to wear out as a result of heat and pressure inside the engine. When this happens, you may start to see oil spills around your car. The valve cover, oil pan, and oil filter housing are the most common locations where worn gaskets and seal leaks are found, so they should be your first point to check when trying to figure out where oil is leaking from.
  • Damaged Oil Drain Plug: The oil drain plug is the place to go when trying to remove old oil during an oil change. After removing the dirty oil from your Jaguar, you must make sure that the drain plug is properly tightened to prevent the new oil from seeping out of the oil pan. Also, you have to ensure that the drain plug is not damaged when removing and replacing it. Keeping an eye on the drain plug during the oil change process is one of the most effective ways to avoid leaks caused by loose or broken plugs.
  • Cracked Oil Filter Housing: The oil filter housing is, as the name suggests, the home of the oil filter. It ensures that the circulating oil is efficiently filtered before entering the engine. When the housing is broken or damaged, it results in the spillage of oil. Inspecting the oil filter housing for signs of damage and replacing it if necessary will help eliminate leaks.
  • Cracked Engine Components: Oil can leak from your Jaguar due to cracks in engine components, such as the engine block or cylinder head. These fractures may be caused by overheating, corrosion, or other forms of tear and wear. If the cracked engine components are not repaired, the engine can develop major oil leaks.

How To Address Engine Oil Leaks

  • Use High-Quality Oil: Always try to use Jaguar’s recommended engine oil type. High-grade oil is manufactured to withstand your engine’s demands, offering better lubrication and protection against engine wear and tear. By selecting the correct oil, you can prevent the leakage, and achieve the best engine performance.
  • Replace Seals and Gaskets: The seals and the gaskets are key parts that help prevent oil leaks. However, after some time, these parts become outworn and leak. It is important to change worn out seals and gaskets during regular maintenance to get a tight seal and prevent oil leaks.
  • Regular Inspections: Make sure you arrange for regular inspections with a qualified mechanic who can detect any leaks. The inspection should be comprehensive and it should include checking under the vehicle for any oil drips or puddles. Your mechanic can also inspect the engine components for oil residue or wet spots.

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