The V12 engine has been around for over 100 years, servicing everything from airplanes, cars, and even military fighting vehicles. It has stood its ground for many years. Now, it is used mainly in boats and high-end European cars, such as Mercedes, for the ability to build a slim and sleek car around them. However, the V12 engine is not without its issues.

From Mercedes to Lamborghini, the V12 is still used today and sold in the US. It is not as widely serviced in the States, since smaller engines are more prevalent, but unique shops with highly-trained technicians service the V12 around the country.

In this article, we will discuss the V12 engine reliability in Mercedes and what to do when something goes wrong, as well as how to maintain your vehicle to get the most out of it for years to come.

Issues with Mercedes V12 Engines

Engine misfires are a common issue with V12 motors in Mercedes. Misfires caused by a few different issues, such as bad spark plugs, fuel injectors, or several sensors located in your car. These misfires can lead to unwanted results. Misfires cause poor performance in your vehicle and should be corrected right away, before finding yourself and your car stranded on the road.

Faulty coil packs can be related to misfires; however, Mercedes with the V12 engine has a history of coil pack failures, so we address it separately. Many Mercedes owners have had to replace coil packs at a pricey expense when regular maintenance may have saved them time and money.

Overheating of the engine can occur due to bad head gaskets, leaking coolant, or oil. Any signs of losing coolant or oil should send your Mercedes to the shop. These two issues may be found during routine servicing of your vehicle before they can damage your car. Mercedes technicians are trained to spot these types of potential problems before they turn into costly repair.

Overfilling fluid levels, ruptured hydraulic lines, and faults within the active body control system can all cause your system to leak. Again, this type of problem can be found during regular maintenance. Make sure to have your vehicle maintained and regularly inspected before issues become profound. Some hydraulic leaks can be hard to spot unless you are specifically looking for them. As with oil and coolant leaks, trained technicians know what defects to look for during an inspection.

Electrical issues may not be directly related to the V12 engine, yet the fact that the V12 is used in highly-engineered Mercedes cars lead to one of the European car’s common issues of electrical problems. Due to adding ever more upgraded technology to better compete in the market, many European manufactured vehicles introduce technology that has not been tested over time, leading to failure in many cases. Most electrical issues begin as anomalies and should be reported to your technician during maintenance service. Do not allow these anomalies to continue without a correction or they can lead to more serious failures.

How to Prevent most V12 Issues

As discussed previously, many issues with the Mercedes V12 can be solved before the owner sees any symptoms. Many people try to save money by skipping regular servicing, thinking it will not cause any harm. The truth is, without regular servicing by a Mercedes technician, you may be paying thousands of dollars more later when your engine or another expensive component fails. Many of the significant issues with performance vehicles can be found and corrected much more inexpensive during scheduled maintenance.

Bring Your Mercedes to the Experts

When servicing your Mercedes with a V12 or any Mercedes V12 Engine Problems Fix other European model, make sure you bring your car to an experienced and trained shop.

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