Mercedes are admired all over the world for their luxury and dependability. However, one common issue Mercedes models suffers is oil pressure switch failure. Let’s take a deeper look at this problem.

What is the oil pressure switch?

Motor oil is needed to keep components lubricated. For it to flow properly, the oil needs to be under pressure. If the oil does not have the correct pressure, it will not be distributed appropriately. This will lead to friction and permanent component damage.

The oil pressure switch is able to monitor the pressure. If a problem is encountered, the switch alerts the computer triggering the dashboard warning light.

Symptoms of a Failing Oil Pressure Switch

All vehicle components can fail. When the oil pressure switch begins to fail, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Wrong or Erratic Oil Pressure Gauge Readings: A defective oil pressure switch can cause the oil gauge to read empty or full. The gauge may also act erratically changing the oil level from extremely high to very low. If your gauge is showing low or empty, do not add oil before checking the oil level. Too much oil can also permanently damage the engine.
  • Engine is Running Hot: If the engine is not getting the proper amount of oil it can run hot. Continuing to drive your car when the engine is running hot can lead to complete engine failure.
  • Illuminated Oil Pressure Light: A failing oil pressure switch can trigger the oil pressure dashboard light. If the light is illuminated, check the oil level. If the level is correct, the oil pressure switch probably needs to be replaced.

If you are hearing a ticking or grinding sound, it can be an indication the oil pump has failed. Do not drive your Mercedes with a failed oil pump.

  • Blinking Oil Pressure Light: A failing or defective oil pressure switch sensor can cause the oil pressure light to blink continuously.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light: When the oil pressure switch begins to fail, it can produce an erratic reading that will trigger the check engine light. If the light is illuminated, it is important to have a diagnostic scan by your trusted mechanic. There are many different problems that can trigger the light so a proper diagnosis is important.

Driving with a Oil Pressure Switch Failure

If the oil pressure switch fails, it needs to be replaced immediately. It is a vital part of your Mercedes that monitors the oil level. If the oil level is incorrect, it can damage components and lead to engine failure and higher repair bills.

How to Avoid a Problem with the Oil Pressure Switch

The best way to prevent oil pressure switch failure is by staying current on your regular-scheduled maintenance. Oil and filter changes are essential for an engine to run properly.

To safeguard your Mercedes from any type of failure, the below are important:

  • have regular maintenance performed
  • have your certified mechanic inspect your car on a regular basis
  • have all issues diagnosed and fixed immediately
  • only hire a certified mechanic to work on your Mercedes

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