Audi has built a luxury brand that is well known for its reliability. Most people who buy these cars normally expect the perfect automobile with excellent engineering and design as well as exceptional performance. While this is often true, the Audi, like any other vehicle, is also prone to wear and tear after a while. This does not take away from the fact that the cars are built with endurance in mind.

For the cost at which you will purchase an Audi, you would be forgiven to think that the least you will need to worry about is headlamps repairs. The ugly truth however is that, going by the number of complaints that have been made previously by the owners, these headlamps will need repairs sooner rather than later.

Issues Associated with Headlamps in Audis

Some of the most common issues you are bound to experience as an Audi owner is the problem of burnt out bulbs. This is a problem that many owners have experienced before. If one of your headlights is not working, the problem may actually be as simple as the bulb being burnt out. You may notice one headlight flickering or producing irregular light before it completely goes off.

Another common problem with Audi headlamps is a completely blown out fuse. A completely blown out fuse will cause both headlights to go off at the same time since they are regulated by the same fuse. This is one of the tell-tale signs that will point you to where exactly the problem could be with your headlights.

Symptoms Indicating a Problem with Your Audi’s Headlights

One of the rather obvious signs that will point to a problem with the headlights in your Audi include dimming of the lights. You may notice that the lights do not burn as bright as they used to when you first started driving the car.

Other than the dim lights, you may also notice flickering of the lights. This flickering may go away when you switch the lights off and then on again, at least until the next time you need to drive in poor lighting again. At that point, you’ll need to repeat the same procedure.

You may also get a “dipped headlight” warning on your dashboard, indicating which of your lights has a malfunction. This message will come on just before the light goes out completely.

Some owners have reported that the low beams in their headlights flicker even when the car is not in motion. This too is a sign that could point to trouble in the headlamps.

Possible Solutions for Your Audi Headlight Problems

As a luxury brand, unfortunately Audi headlight repairs can get pricey. Repairing the headlights on your car may cost well above $1,000, depending on what is actually wrong with them. What’s worse, if you get the repairs from a random spare parts dealer you may end up with even more problems ranging from quality to compatibility and longevity.

This is why it is highly recommended that you only take your Audi for repairs at a renowned and certified repairs shop. You should always insist on a repair shop that is licensed by the dealer to provide the original parts in order to avoid having substandard parts that will still be problematic. What’s more, contacting a store that has been licensed by the manufacturer will enable you to have access to certified and knowledgeable technicians that have cutting edge equipment to back up their knowledge and ensure that you get quality repairs on your car.

Audi A6 Headlight

Attempting to fix Audi headlamps on your own may not be the best course of action, as you may inadvertently end up creating further problems. Instead, find professionals you can trust to maintain and service your vehicle.

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