As with all vehicles, you may experience some faults with your Lexus. Some of these may occur due to the wearing of some components, improper maintenance, excessive usage, and mechanical failure. It is critical to know how to identify these problems, trace their root cause, and know what to do when you encounter such problems.

We’ve highlighted some of the common faults you may experience with your Lexus below:

Unusual noise from the brakes

Noise from your Lexus brake may occur due to worn-out discs and pads. It may also occur due to a stuck brake caliper. Finding out the root cause of the fault is critical. To do so, you may have to remove the wheel before inspecting both sides. It is vital to check for debris lodging there as that may be a potential cause.

Before reattaching the wheel, clean the compartment properly using compressed air. If you notice no improvement, it is advisable to contact our professional mechanics to help diagnose the fault and fix it. It may be a sign that your Lexus requires servicing, and contacting our certified Lexus experts is a viable option.

Overheating Engine

If your Lexus Engine is overheating, it may be due to the presence of air bubbles inside the radiator cooling system. An overheating Lexus engine may also occur when the coolant level is low. It is vital to check if the coolant is leaking. You can add more coolant to identify any possible leakage. It is essential to check for blue or white smoke coming from your Lexus exhaust to know the possible cause of the issue.

If the coolant is not leaking, you should contact us to help identify the cause and repair the fault. An overheating Lexus engine may cause severe damage to other vehicle components. Your Lexus head gasket may be bad and could be the potential cause.

Noise from the tires

One common Lexus fault you may encounter is noisy tires. You should ensure your tires are correctly inflated to the right pressure to fix this issue. You should also lookout for any sharp objects lodging in the tires. If they are properly inflated and the noise persists, it may indicate that they need to be aligned properly. You should contact us for proper diagnosis and effective repair.

Your Lexus engine does not start, and you can hear a clicking noise

If your Lexus engine refuses to start, the fault may be from your starter motor or your battery. To identify if the issue may be associated with the battery, try starting your Lexus and see if the dashboard lights dip or your headlights turn on. A starter motor fault may be identified if the headlights are fine, but you constantly hear a clicking sound whenever you start the vehicle. You may have to replace the starter motor. It is best to contact our certified Lexus experts to help pinpoint and solve the issue.

Illuminated battery warning while the vehicle is running

The primary cause of this issue is a faulty alternator, which renders it unable to charge your car’s battery. When driving, you should not see flickering lights on your Lexus dashboard. While moving, your alternator produces an operating voltage between 13 to 14 volts to keep the battery charged so it can power things like your radio, headlights, and dashboard. If the voltage falls below the standard value, the alternator or your vehicle’s regulator unit may require replacement.

It is vital to check if there are loose connections. You should also ensure that all the belts are tight because it may cause your Lexus alternator to fail. If you need assistance with this, call us to set up a convenient appointment.

Squeaking noise when you press the clutch

Squeaking noise when pressing the clutch may occur if the clutch plate loses its coating and scrapes against your car’s flywheel. If you are using a manual transmission, you may find it difficult to shift gears, or they may completely slip out of gear. When this occurs, it is an indication that your clutch may need to be replaced.

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