An often unforeseen problem that arises in Volkswagens is the buildup that can occur from other parts. There are a myriad of components in the engine bay and other parts that give off byproducts as a result of what is going on under the hood. Some of those byproducts are apparent, mainly exhaust, whereas some do not naturally get removed from the vehicle. These could prove a nuisance down the road.

One such buildup that can pose a problem is that of oil sludge. If you see that your Volkswagen is backed up with oil sludge, it is recommended that you take your vehicle into a trusted shop to receive cleaning. This maintenance service will allow your car to return to its best performance and reliable nature that you have come to trust.

What is oil sludge and how is it formed?

As mentioned earlier, oil sludge is a natural buildup that can occur under the hood of any vehicle. Put simply, oil sludge is the result of oxidation and even contamination of engine oil. This causes the oil to turn into a thick, gel-like substance that can stick to other parts of the car and reduce performance.

Engine oil will oxidize when exposed to both oxygen and high temperatures. As the particles within the engine oil break down, they may then combine with other particles that can contaminate the entire mixture and create the sludge.

Avoiding Oil Sludge Buildup

The top of the engine or around the oil valve are the first two places that may show signs of an oil sludge buildup. Ensure that the crankcase ventilation system in your vehicle is working properly, as this may also be a cause of a buildup of oil sludge. Below are some common signs that may give you an indication of oil buildup:

Oil Change Light

Your Volkswagen is a smart vehicle and often detects when there are problems under the hood. Issues with the oil are no exception, and your Volkswagen may alert you to the buildup of oil sludge by turning on the oil change light.

Thick Black Clumps Under the Hood

If you are sensing performance issues and suspect it could be a buildup of oil sludge, open the hood of your car when the engine is cold. If you see clumped black gunk around the engine or the oil valve, then your problem is indeed a buildup of oil sludge.

Black Sludge in Oil Pan

Not unlike the previous sign, it may do you well to peer into the oil pan with a flashlight. Healthy oil may appear a metallic silver, but a buildup of oil sludge will lead to black clumps floating within the oil pan.

The Perils of Oil Sludge

Any of the above signs are proof that your car may have an oil sludge buildup. The best way to avoid this, in the end, is to get your oil changed at the right time. A buildup of oil sludge can be bad for your vehicle, as it is sticky and gums up other parts. This substance traps heat and makes the entire engine system warmer than it should be.

This problem can also lead to improper oil consumption, power loss, or even a seizing engine. Any sign that your Volkswagen has a buildup of oil sludge should be a reason to take it into a professional shop.

European Motor Cars is Your Solution

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