Volvo cars are famous for their striking design and forceful powertrain. Maintaining your Volvo is crucial to ensure that its performance stays at an exceptionally high level. Few problems that develop over a certain period could be connected to the cooling fan module.

The cooling fan module is in charge of maintaining a consistent flow of air in your Volvo’s cabin. The cooling fan unit is what regulates the blower for the cabin air. Thus it is essential to repair or replace a faulty cooling fan module.

Purpose of the Cooling Fan Module

The air conditioner and the cooling fan module are intrinsically linked. The cooling fan module pumps air into the automobile to keep you cool when you turn on the air conditioning. This ensures a fresh air supply even when the windows are rolled up.

The cooling fan module has fans under the hood near the radiator to keep the parts under the hood from overheating, in addition to the fans near the air conditioning. The cooling fan module is a crucial component for your Volvo, and so you must look out for symptoms that may suggest that the cooling fan module needs to be fixed.

Causes of Cooling Fan Module Failure

  • Electrical malfunction: One of the most common reasons behind a cooling fan module failure is an electrical malfunction in the cooling fan circuit. Because the cooling fan module is driven by electricity, it will immediately shut down if there is a problem. Moreover, the temperature sensors may also stop operating due to an electrical malfunction.
  • Faulty fan wires: Faulty fan wiring can also cause the cooling fan module’s functions to fail, causing the automobile to overheat. When the temperature sensors fail, the cooling fan module cannot manage the speed with which the fans rotate to cool the engine, which leads to overheating. The coolant levels in your Volvo can potentially drop to alarmingly low levels due to overheating and cooling fan module failure. This impairs Volvo’s cooling capabilities. This is why the majority of manufacturers advise maintaining optimum coolant levels always.

Signs of Cooling Fan Module Failure

  • Cabin air feels unpleasantly warm: The presence of warm or hot air in your Volvo’s interior is a sign that there may be a problem with the cooling fan module. This is something that you will almost immediately notice. The air conditioning in your Volvo will be set to chill, but the air in the cabin will not. The blower attached to the cooling fan module will no longer operate.
  • Engine Overheating: Overheating of your engine is another cooling fan module failure indicator. It’s only natural that the engine is continually working and burning energy when you’re driving. It generates a lot of heat while functioning. To prevent the engine from overheating, the cooling fan module must be functioning correctly. The engine is kept cool by blowers located around the hood. If these blowers are not linked to the cooling fan module, the engine will overheat.
  • Poor circulation of fresh air in the cabin: The cooling fan module regulates fresh air flow in the car’s cabin. This is why, when it fails, the cabin will be hotter than it generally is when the A/C is working correctly. This inadequate air circulation indicates an issue with the cooling fans controlled by the cooling fan module.
  • Cooling Fan Module Running Nonstop: The cooling fan module is in a position to control the temperature within your Volvo, and it will work to lower the temperature if it becomes too hot. It should turn off or slow down in power once it reaches the ideal temperature. If the cooling fan module has to be fixed, it may run at full power even after the temperature has been reduced to the desired level. The cooling fan module could even go as far as remaining on once you have turned off your Volvo completely. This is a very blatant indicator that the module needs to be repaired.

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