Land Rovers are vehicles that are designed to take a beating. They are able to handle rough terrain while the driver feels as though they’re driving on a smooth patch of the freeway. There are many features of your Land Rover which help to make this feat possible, starting with a high-performance suspension. However, in recent years, advanced technology-based innovations have been added to Land Rovers to further improve the comfort of their ride.

One such innovation is the ride optimization system. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how this system works and how you should handle the failure of this component, should it happen to your Land Rover.

The Ride Optimization System

The ride optimization system is part of what helps your Land Rover’s suspension to give you a comfortable driving experience. The ride optimization component is a smart system, able to learn about how you drive. It will pick up on the different types of driving conditions and circumstances. The ROS will collect this information and then utilize it to fine-tune a variety of connected systems so your suspension performs in the most suitable way for the terrain or driving style. This helps to make the driver feel more at one with their car and also always ride in comfort.

Problems with the Ride Optimization System

Of course, when you add a new part to a vehicle, you add a new chance of component failure. The ride optimization system isn’t without its flaws. When the ride optimization system fails, you’ll likely notice other parts in your suspension start to misbehave, too, because the ride optimization system isn’t properly directing them. Over time, this can result in even more suspension issues and uncomfortable driving experiences.

Here are some signs that a flawed ride optimization system may have caused damage to other parts of your suspension:

Failure of the Air Compressor

Most modern Land Rovers use an air suspension, as it allows for much more precise adjustments and more comfort for the driver. Because pressurized air is used in this system, it needs a compressor to pump the air throughout the system. When the compressor fails, your suspension will sag, and you’ll notice increased bounciness when driving.

Air Leaks

If the air suspension is leaking air, then the suspension will not be able to hold a rigid form, and the compressor will need to work double-time.

Air Spring Deterioration

Failure of the ride optimization system can also result in accelerated wear of the air springs, leading them to deteriorate more quickly. This happens naturally over time, but without the aid of the ride optimization system, this will happen in a much shorter time span.

Suspension Symptoms

While being able to pinpoint the failure of the ride optimization system can be tricky, knowing if you have an issue with your suspension is glaringly obvious. You will quite literally feel it. The following symptoms are common and indicative of suspension problems.

The Vehicle Sits Unevenly

If an air leak is isolated to one part of the suspension system, you’ll likely notice that your car dips to one side or to one corner. This will indicate that air is escaping from the sagging area.

The Vehicle Sits Lower

If the compressor is struggling, then it won’t be able to fill the airbags to their maximum. This will worsen over time, and you’ll notice that your Land Rover sits noticeably lower to the ground than it used to.

Rougher or More Bouncy Ride

Does driving your Land Rover rattle your bones? If so, then your air suspension definitely needs some TLC. Excess bounce or a hard ride isn’t normal in your Land Rovers air suspension, and you’ll need to bring your car into the shop for expert diagnosis and repairs.

Keep Up with Maintenance

The best thing that you can do to keep your Land Rover Suspension Issues Check ride optimization system working perfectly is to keep on top of your maintenance and servicing program. Letting your mechanic look at your vehicle on a regular basis will help ensure that any problem is caught early and repaired before it can cause further damage and cost you more to fix.

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* Land Rover Discovery Car image credit goes to: Dmitrii Guldin.

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