What’s the Most Important Maintenance Item for Your Classic Mercedes-Benz Diesel?

Ask any Mercedes Benz repair specialists in Las Vegas, and they’ll tell you that Mercedes Benz diesels are some of the finest automobiles on the road. Built with advanced engineering, they’re mechanically sound and run for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles. As a result, some classic Mercedes Benz owners often fall behind on these three maintenance items.


Even if you check your levels regularly it’s important to maintain the optimal coolant-water mix and use the right type for your specific model. Additionally, the coolant can deteriorate or break down if left in your car for too long. If you top off with tap water, you could end up with rust, contaminants, and acid buildup that leads to your engine running too hot and getting damaged. If you’re having any problems with your cooling systems or haven’t had it checked in a while, our Mercedes Benz repair specialists recommend flushing and replacing the coolant, and replacing the radiator drain plug. Afterwards, make sure to come back for a coolant change every 5 years or 100,000 miles.

Fuel Filter

Over time, your engine will suffer if you neglect the fuel filtration system in your classic Mercedes Benz diesel. If you start experiencing engine power loss, difficulty getting up to speed when accelerating, difficulty going up hills, stalling, or difficulty starting the car you could have a clogged or damaged fuel filter. You need a Mercedes Benz repair specialists to replace the primary and secondary fuel filters and check the O-rings and crush washers to make sure your car is protected from fuel leaks. Have your fuel filter checked with every scheduled maintenance and replaced every two years.

Engine Oil

If your engine is loud and running hard, you’re starting to smell oil burning, or seeing too much exhaust smoke, it’s time for professional oil and filter service. The Mercedes Benz repair specialists will drain and fill with the highest quality oil and filter and seal any leaks. Your repair specialists will help you determine the correct oil change interval based on how much you drive.

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