Your Jaguar was built to exceed performance standards while safely taking you where you’d like to go. One feature that Jaguar takes pride in is a smooth and seamless transmission. The moment a transmission problem becomes noticeable, you should bring your Jaguar in for service as soon as you can to prevent further problems.

Jerking of the Automatic Transmission

When functioning properly, the automatic transmission in your Jaguar is meant to ensure that all gears shift smoothly. You will not feel the gears changing or shifting while you are driving when the transmission is working as it should.

The moment you begin to feel hard jerking while you are driving, there is an issue with your automatic transmission. Jerking of the transmission generally occurs when the transmission fluid is low and it needs to be changed. The transmission fluid circulating through the system is what allows the gears to shift smoothly, without any of these jerking movements. When the transmission does not have enough fluid, you will notice your vehicle shifting hard.

The jerking of your Jaguar’s automatic transmission is the first sign that the transmission is failing and is in desperate need of repair. In addition to the jerking, there are other signs that you should be aware of because they will indicate to you that there is an issue with the transmission. Let’s take a closer look at those warning signs.

The Smell of Burning Fluid

Aside from the jerking feeling, another sign that your Jaguar’s automatic transmission is failing is the smell of burning fluid. If there is a leak in the transmission, then the fluid is going to drip out of the system and onto hot engine parts. If this is something that happens for an extended period of time, you will begin to notice a burning smell.

The burning smell will not be that of an actual fire. It will be more like a burning rubber smell. In addition to a leak in the transmission fluid, if the fluid has not been changed in a long time, then the dirt and debris will begin to burn as well and smell like rubber.

Issues with Shifting

Two other signs that you should be aware of in regards to an issue with the transmission have to do with shifting. The first one is the transmission slipping. This occurs when your transmission is lacking the proper amount of power in order to stay in the gear selected.

For example, if you are accelerating to merge onto the highway, your automatic transmission is increasing in gears in order to quickly get you to the speed you demand. If your transmission slips, then it will fall out of the higher gear. This occurs for several reasons: there is a lack of transmission fluid, general wear and tear have occured, or there has been an intrusion of water.

The other issue that can occur is shifting delays. This means that your transmission will take a longer time to go into gear. You will notice this because you will stay at 3,500 RPM for a longer time than normal. An RPM of 3,500 is the highest the revs should go before gears change. If it is remaining at that level without changing, then your transmission is experiencing transmission delays. This is caused by low transmission fluid levels or contamination that has happened due to a lack of maintenance.

Repairing the Transmission

Jerking that occurs in the automatic transmission of your Jaguar is an issue that should not happen for an extended period of time. So if you notice issues, it is time to bring Jaguar Automatic Transmission Repair your Jaguar in for service, especially if you notice jerking while shifting in addition to any of the other signs of a failing transmission above.

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