The intake manifold gasket is a component of the vehicle’s engine that assists in preventing air from leaking out during combustion. It also helps to regulate the temperature inside the engine chamber. The presence of the intake manifold gasket is vital to not only vehicle operation but to the safety as well, as it is a central component to the managing of the gasoline-powered explosions that take place in your vehicle’s engine.

The intake manifold draws in oxygen from the surrounding environment into the engine to fuel the combustion. The purpose of the gasket, which is positioned between the intake pipe and cylinder heads, is to prevent the air being drawn into the engine from leaking out. The leakage of air would inevitably reduce the efficiency of the engine, as it would throw off the air/fuel ratio needed to keep the engine properly running.

Common Issues With the Intake Manifold Gasket

Some of the most common problems that drivers experience with the intake manifold gasket are:

Engine coolant leaks

The coolant that is contained by the gasket is highly pressurized. If the gasket is damaged or worn in any way, it is less capable of sealing the coolant in. This problem can be exacerbated by the debris and dirt often present in the coolant. If the problem worsens, oxygen will be allowed to leak in or out, increasing the risk of corrosion.

Overheating engine

As coolant continues to leak, the engine will be increasingly vulnerable to overheating. Note: it is still possible for the engine to overheat even without a coolant leak. You may not notice the leak outwardly since another way the coolant may leak is by seeping through the gasket and straight into the intake manifold itself.

Reduced fuel efficiency/rough drive and idle

As the air and fuel are fed into the engine, they must mix properly as they enter the intake manifold. When this is done correctly, the mixture can then be distributed properly through the cylinders of the manifold and allow the engine to work appropriately. When the ratio of air-to-fuel in this mixture is thrown off, the engine has to work significantly harder to run at its normal standard of efficiency. Your engine can backfire and may have a rough idle, problems accelerating, and a decline in fuel economy.

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it is time to have your engine serviced by an expert. Do not attempt to diagnose any of these problems yourself, since there may be symptoms of leakage happening within the engine that you cannot see. Additionally, an expert mechanic will be able to tell you exactly why some of these problems are showing up with your gasket. Here are some ideas as to why these failures may be happening.

Reasons Behind the Failure of the Intake Manifold Gasket

Engine components are under nearly constant stress. Every time you turn on your engine, they immediately get to work and do not stop until the vehicle is off again. One of the elements these components are subject to is heat. Heat is one of the primary culprits behind many different problems with gaskets. Heat exposure can be made worse if your engine is overheating, as the cylinder heads will expand and crush the gaskets, eliminating their ability to provide a strong seal.

In addition to gasket leaks, another cause for the failure of intake manifold gaskets is called a vacuum leak, where too much or too little air enters the intake manifold to mix with the fuel, once again worsening the performance of the engine.

Last, there are several different types of gaskets, none of which are meant to last forever. Exposure to heat, pressure, and engine fluids over time will inevitably wear down the gaskets, and those with poor designs or less durable materials (i.e., plastic) are prone to wearing down much faster.

Repair Issues With the Intake Manifold Gasket at European Motor Cars

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