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BMWs are well-known for their innovative designs and engines, which makes the brand popular among drivers. However, some of their engine designs have been known to have flaws that greatly frustrate drivers. While the BMW’s N52 engine is especially popular, the chances of having lifter ticking in these engines escalate as the mileage increases. This issue is existent till date, seeing as the most recent model built with this engine was as late as 2015.

The ticking lifter in the N52 engine can be quite disturbing, and especially difficult to address without the proper expertise. If your BMW was manufactured between 2004 to 2015, then it’s essential that you know about the issue of the ticking lifter, and what you can do to fix it. If you are experiencing a ticking noise with your N52 engine, let’s consider some of the likely reasons below.

Causes of the BMW Lifter Ticking

For many years, the cause of the ticking issue couldn’t be identified. It was only recently figured out. After significant diagnostic and research, it was discovered that the cause of the ticking noise was a faulty hydraulic valve lifter. This lifter is a little cylinder that is located at the end of the rocket arm where the engine meets the valve. It’s main purpose is to keep the engine quiet while running.

Furthermore, the hydraulic valve lifter helps to enhance the output of the vehicle and retain its high-performance level. Different parts such as the body, socket, and check ball mechanism make up the hydraulic valve lifter to create space and allow for the expansion and contraction of certain engine parts.

The hydraulic valve lifter is a small cylinder that is normally located at the end of the rocket arm in the engine where it meets the valve. It helps improve the performance and output of the engine. However, when the hydraulic valve lifter does not receive enough oil for proper functioning, it begins to produce the upsetting ticking noise.

Signs of a Bad Hydraulic Valve Lifter

When a hydraulic valve lifter is bad, the major sign it gives is the ticking sound. This disturbing noise is caused by the inadequate lubrication, and it is often worse when the outer temperature is low. This is because the lubricator needs to be heated up to function well.

It has been proven that this problem is totally a design and engineering issue of the hydraulic valve lifter, and it cannot be avoided even with utmost and consistent auto maintenance. However, this issue could be rather difficult to diagnose without specialized knowledge in BMW vehicles, especially those with the N52 engines.

Safety Concerns of a Ticking Lifter

If your N52 is giving ticking noise due to the hydraulic valve lifter issue, it is best to contact an expert, because the noise could also be caused by other engine issues. Troubleshooting your BMW should be done by a certified mechanic to determine the true root cause of the problem. This will save you from future unnecessary hassle and further costs.

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While the regular maintenance of your BMW ensures its smooth running and longevity, swiftly attending to little changes BMW Lifter Ticking Issue Check will help keep its high-performance intact.

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