If you own a diesel-engine Mercedes, you’re probably well-versed in the numerous engine components and their functions. You also have a knack for the engine’s long-lasting and cost-effective components. Glow plugs, for example, are one of the parts of the engine that have a long shelf life and cost a lot of money to repair when they go bad. Glow plugs are used in diesel cars to ignite fuel for the combustion process. They tend to improve vehicle performance by managing diesel engine temperatures.

Although glow plugs are designed to last 100,000 miles, they can sometimes fail before they get to that point. The failure of glow plugs can be due to a variety of factors, which we will discuss. Continue reading to learn about all of the possible causes of a glow plug relay failure.

Reasons for Failure of a Glow Plug Relay

The glow plug relay of your Mercedes can sometimes fail to work before the specified time period, which can be due to a variety of factors:

  • Your Mercedes valves and pistons have been damaged.
  • You’ve put in the wrong glow plugs, which aren’t compatible with your engine.
  • Your glow plugs may be destroyed if the engine has overheated too much.
  • The voltage in your engine is really high.
  • The failure of your Mercedes glow plugs can also be caused by freezing weather.

Look for these Symptoms of a Glow Plug Relay Failure

The following are some of the most typical signs and symptoms of a glow plug failure:

  • Warning Light on the Dashboard: When you start your car, your engine light may illuminate on your dashboard, indicating a problem with your glow plug.
  • Engine Starts Slowly: Another indicator that you can notice while starting your car is the reluctance to start the engine. It could be an indication of glow plug failure if your automobile takes longer to start than usual.
  • An Enormous Amount Of White Smoke: If you notice a large amount of white smoke rising beneath your car after starting but before the engine has warmed up, your glow plug relay may have failed and needs to be replaced right away.

How to Fix Glow Plug Relay Problems

If you are an ambitious DIY-er, you can follow the given steps to fix the glow plug relay to self-service your damaged glow plugs. Be careful of your engine’s various parts and utilize the proper tools to do the job:

  • Remove The Glow Plug Wires: The glow plug wires are conveniently accessible beneath the engine’s valve covers. The glow plug is connected to one end of these wires, while the engine is connected to the other. Disconnect the battery and ensure that the electricity has been detached. Remove each of the glow plug wires with the proper wrench.
  • Remove the Glow Plugs: Begin removing the glow plugs one at a time after removing the glow plug wires. Examine their condition once you’ve finished. If necessary, ream the glow plug holes.
  • Install The New Glow Plugs: With a wrench, now tighten the new glow plugs in place. But be careful not to overtighten them, as this may cause them to break.
  • Reattach The Glow Plug Wires: Finally, reconnect the electrical wires to each glow plug after anchoring them in the proper location. Reconnect the battery cable and start your engine to check the glow plugs that were replaced.

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