As the owner of an expensive automobile, any type of unknown noise coming from your car can be alarming. Sometimes, it is a minor inconvenience. Other times, it can signal a malfunction of a major part of the automobile. Either way, you should take your car to a mechanic immediately if your car is making a sound you have never heard before.

One of the most common sounds that can be heard in a malfunctioning auto part is a ticking noise. Usually, this ticking noise is emitted from your car’s engine, but it can also occur in other parts of the automobile as well. The significance of a ticking noise can also depend on what type of car you are driving.

Severe Problems Causing a Ticking Noise

When considering that annoying ticking noise that has suddenly occurred in your automobile, the usual suspect is the engine. There have been a few specific problems in European automobiles that are unique to certain makes and models. For example, in certain models of BMWs, there have been frequent reports of the hydraulic valve lifter malfunctioning causing an annoying ticking noise. This occurs in BMW models manufactured between 2004-2015 and usually after the car has been driven over 50,000 miles. This lifter ticking issue can be remedied simply by vigilance, making sure that your car is taken into the mechanics for regular service, and dealing with these noises as soon as you hear them.

Another reason for a ticking noise could be that the exhaust manifold has cracked, causing the high-pressure exhaust to escape through the crack and make noise. This is an easily-fixable problem concerning the engine, but it should be repaired immediately to prevent this minor problem from manifesting. Repairing an exhaust leak can also be expensive, depending on the age and condition of your automobile. Ignoring a ticking noise can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and an expensive, long term problem.

Minor Problems Causing a Ticking Noise

Hopefully, the reason for the ticking noise coming from your engine is one of the following possibilities. These noises could be chalked up to simple wear and tear. Engine wear and tear is as common as the number of cars out on the road. As the miles pile up on your odometer, it is possible that your car will begin to make strange noises that will have minimal, if any, impact on the drivability of your automobile.

Another example of a minor problem that may cause a ticking noise is a fuel injector firing in your engine. If you own a fuel injected car, you can sometimes hear the fuel injectors opening and closing, especially during idling. This noise is nothing to worry about, as it is just the nature of a fuel injector doing its job.

Purge valves and positive crankcase ventilation valves are also known to cause intermittent ticking noises at times in the course of carrying out their tasks. Problems with the ignition can also cause ticking noise, specifically during startup. One possible easy remedy to this problem is to try higher octane gasoline the next time you fill up your car. If this doesn’t work, you should take your car in for servicing.

What to Do When You Hear a Ticking Noise

The obvious thing to do when you hear a ticking noise coming from your automobile is to take it to a trusted mechanic immediately in order to properly diagnose the problem before it gets out of control. No matter how minor or major the problem may be, Car Ticking Noise Fixthe skilled mechanics at European Motor Cars in Las Vegas, NV will be able to treat it and get you back on the road in no time.

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