The distinctive, high-performance Porsche has been every sports car owner’s dream at some point in their lives. With its unique design coupled with innovative technology, many have made this German engineered dream come true.

Although the Porsche is masterfully-engineered, there can be mechanical issues, especially if regular maintenance schedules are not followed. Let’s discuss suspension issues you may experience in your Porsche and what to do if they occur.

Causes of Suspension Issues

Suspension trouble can arise in your Porsche for a couple of different reasons. The suspension on your Porsche is designed for performance and requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at an excellent level. Some, trying to save money by skipping servicing of their suspension, soon find that they will pay a higher price for the repair when ignored components fail.

Another reason for suspension issues is if you continually drive on rough roads. After a while, even the best suspensions will give way to damage from potholes and bumps in the street.

Signs of Suspension Issues

There are obvious warning signs of suspension problems. If you notice any of the following, it is time to take your Porsche to a trusted mechanic who knows the intricacies of your model:

Tire Moves Side to Side

When your Porsche is on a jack, grab the tire and try to move it side to side. If there is any movement, you may be experiencing tie-rod or bushing failure. Always ask your tire shop technician to check this when replacing tires. Scheduled maintenance at your professional Porsche service center will find this before it is a significant problem.

No More Cushioned Ride

Your suspension is designed to make your ride as smooth as possible and place a barrier between you and rough roads. If you begin to feel small bumps or vibration inside your car, you may have a suspension problem.

Many people assume their car is getting older, and there is nothing they can do, but well-maintained suspensions should feel as good five years later as the first day you bought it. Others ignore their suspension issues thinking there will be an expensive repair required. The truth is, if you catch problems early, they can be much cheaper than when a complete failure happens.

Clunking Sounds Under Car

Tie-rods and bushings are part of your Porsche’s suspension and play an active role in controlling your steering control abilities. A sign that these components are failing is when you begin hearing what sounds like rocks hitting the bottom of your car and the occasional popping sound. If tie-rods or bushings fail entirely, you could lose all steering control over your vehicle.

Seek a professional inspection if these sounds occur. You may not have any other symptoms before failure other than this noise.

Tires Wearing Unevenly

Damage to your suspension requiring an alignment will cause your Porsche’s tires to wear differently. All tires on your vehicle should wear at the same rate. If your car needs an alignment, you will be spending money on tires frequently. Tire wear is one of the items an experienced Porsche mechanic checks when inspecting your suspension.

Fluid Spill from Shocks & Struts

Fluid leaking from shocks and struts will gather near your tires under your car. Each of these is part of your suspension and counts on the hydraulic fluid inside to cushion your car from the road as you drive. Damaged, they sometimes allow the fluid to leak out, and your shock and struts will no longer serve their purpose. Once shocks and struts go, other parts on your vehicle will be subject to the road’s jolts, possibly causing further expensive damage.

Taking Care of Your Porsche’s Suspension

Suspension issues in any car can be an expensive Porsche Suspension Issue Check hazard to repair, and especially in a high-end vehicle like Porsche. However, it does not have to be that way, as making sure your scheduled maintenance is performed will keep your suspension in top condition.

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