A stylish body combined with safety features, powerful engine, and off-road capabilities make the Range Rover model a premium choice in the SUV industry. Off-roading is at the very heart of the Range Rover, but as enthusiasts know, this Land Rover’s model is equally at home as a smart SUV or as a spacious family car. Whatever role your Range Rover plays in your life, it’s essential that the steering is performing well.

If your Range Rover’s steering shaft fails, your ability to turn your vehicle, avoid obstacles, and generally to drive safely will be negatively impacted.

What is the steering shaft?

The steering shaft is an important component in your Range Rover’s steering system. It connects the steering wheel to your car’s steering rack at its top and bottom. These elements of the system basically allow the driver at the wheel to control the direction of the moving vehicle.

One of the many features designed for maximum comfort in the Range Rover is the easily-adjustable steering shaft which allows you to effortlessly modify the height and distance of the steering wheel relative to the driver. You can accomplish this with the help of the tilt adjustment and telescopic wheel adjustment mechanisms.

You may begin to encounter problems with the tilt adjustment mechanism. For example, it may become jammed, especially in the higher and lower positions. Alternatively, it may move freely without employing the adjustment lever. These are indicators of steering shaft failure.

Similarly, if the telescopic mechanism that allows you to move the steering wheel closer to the dashboard or to your chest begins to jam or becomes very noisy, this can also indicate an issue with the steering shaft.

Symptoms of Steering Shaft Failure

  • Steering Wheel Tilt Adjustment Problem: The tilt adjustment system may get locked in one position, or conversely, it may fail to lock in position, such as it drops to the lowest position or even moves freely up and down. This could present safety concerns when driving the vehicle and should be addressed.
  • Steering Wheel Telescopic Adjustment Problem: If you encounter squeaking or sticking when moving the steering wheel forward and back, this can simply indicate your steering shaft needs lubrication or it can be a sign of wear and tear in the system.
  • Odd Noises When Turning the Wheel: Don’t ignore new or unusual sounds that happen when you’re turning your steering wheel. These noises can often be especially noticeable when turning sharp corners. Any grinding, squeaking, creaking, popping or clicking noises coming from your steering wheel need to be checked out.
  • Steering Feels Loose: While this symptom can be due to a number of issues, you may notice your Range Rover’s wheels seem to unexpectedly take new directions and need additional adjustment when going over rough terrain or over a speed bump. This can also be a sign the steering shaft is failing.
  • Steering Wheel Returnability Fails: When we come out of a turn, the steering wheel slips easily through our hands, automatically returning to the centered position. This is intentional. We only really pay attention to the feature when it stops working. Like some of the other symptoms, this one can have a number of causes, from steering linkage, ball joints or king pin issues within the steering system, or it can be due to an alignment problem or a combination of issues. In any case, it means the driver must constantly compensate for the fault while driving, which is not only tiring but also unsafe.

Failure of your Range Rover’s steering tilt adjustment and telescope mechanism are good indications that your car is in need of a service. Steering shaft failure can wreak havoc on your steering system and can ultimately make your Range Rover unsafe to drive. If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms it is time for a thorough inspection.

European Motor Cars Will Repair Range Rover Steering Shaft Problems

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