BMWs are exceptional vehicles for many reasons. No matter the season, they offer drivers the opportunity to experience true automotive quality. However, certain seasons can pose special challenges to these cars that their owners must remain cognizant of. During the hot summer months of the year, temperatures rise astronomically, putting added stress on your BMW’s engine and other various components. Before these months creep up on you, it’s important to make sure your BMW is in the best condition possible to combat the heat. In this article, we’ll go over a basic summer maintenance checklist for your BMW.

Things You Should Do for Your BMW Before Summer Hits:

If you’re not sure where you begin with your BMW’s maintenance this summer, here are a few tips that will ensure you the best performance possible—even when the outside temperatures beat records!

Inspect the Cooling System

Your BMW’s cooling system is a critical element over the hot months of the year especially. No surprises here, its main function is to ensure that your engine’s temperature remains regulated for optimal running conditions. It does so by circulating coolant or antifreeze throughout the engine. Your reliable BMW specialist should inspect the various components of the system, including the condition of the radiator, making sure there are no leaks or punctures anywhere and that the coolant fluid is clean and at full capacity.

Get an Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most highly underrated maintenance tasks that drivers should perform on a regular basis, but usually don’t. Motor or engine oil is what keeps your engine from crumbing into pieces—literally. The quality of your motor oil is important to ensure that the different parts of the engine don’t begin rubbing against each other or creating too much heat and friction inside the engine, leading to overheating, premature part failure, or even engine failure in the worst cases. Be sure to check your engine oil, have it changed, and change the oil filter as well to give your engine a fresh start this summer.

Check the Battery

Your BMW’s battery works harder in the summer months when you’re blasting your air conditioning all day. The battery can become drained more quickly, which can lead to charging issues. It is also common for BMW drivers to store their cars over the summer, which necessitates preparation to keep the battery life consistent. It’s important to be sure your battery is in good working condition, and that there is no corrosion around the terminals or connectors. Furthermore, your BMW specialist should check the alternator to be sure it can re-charge the battery adequately.

Check Your Tires

So what it is it about the summer months that make your tires more susceptible to blowouts or flats? Well, the answer involves a little more understanding of tire health and wear. Your tires should be kept at the right pressure at all times—this ensures good contact with the road and optimal wear patterns that lead to normal servicing intervals. However, during the summer heat the rubber on your tires becomes especially susceptible to wear, and it’s not uncommon to see tire health diminish significantly over summer months. Before summer hits, and throughout the summer season, your tires must be kept at the right pressure level. However, you may also want to get an alignment, tire rotation, and wheel balancing to lessen your chances of a blowout or flat tire at high speeds.

Inspect the HVAC system

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car as a refuge from the summer heat only to find that your air conditioner doesn’t work. While it’s not related to performance, necessarily, you should have your air conditioning system inspected before summer hits out of precaution—there’s nothing worse than hot leather seats when it’s boiling outside!

Car on Road in Summer

Why It is Essential to Hire a BMW specialist

Here at European Motor Cars, our BMW experts have helped drivers prepare for summer for over 3 decades. The areas of Summerlin, Spring Valley, and Las Vegas, NV, reach scorching temperatures during the summer, and it’s critical to keep your car in optimal health. This will cut down on repair bills over the life of your car, keep you safer and more comfortable while driving, and extend your BMW’s longevity significantly. If you would like help getting your BMW ready for the heat, please call us right away to schedule an inspection.

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