Maintaining your car isn’t just for your own driving pleasure, it is an act of responsibility that keeps pedestrians and other drivers safe. Because of this, there are many legal requirements for automobiles, and your Audi is no exception.

Tail lights, which are different from brake lights, are needed to keep you and other motorists safe when driving at night. They let the driver behind you know that you are there, preventing rear-end collisions. So, it goes without saying that a working set of tail lights is a motoring must-have.

Audi’s are known to develop electric issues from time to time, and this can sometimes impact the performance of the tail lights. As we’ve already established, this is an issue that needs to be resolved right away, so let’s take a closer look at the issue and learn why our team at European Motor Cars should be your go-to when tail light issues occur.

The Purpose of Tail Lights

This may be common knowledge to many motorists, but it’s good to start things off with some clarity. Many drivers confuse their tail lights and brake lights, as they are part of the same cluster at the back of your Audi.

Tail lights are designed to illuminate when your vehicle’s headlights are on, meaning your car is illuminated from the front and the back. Brake lights, on the other hand, will only illuminate when you push the brake pedal, signaling to the driver behind you that you are stopping or slowing down, allowing them to adjust their speed in response.

Modern Audi’s operate with LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail lights, while older models will use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light). LEDs are now the norm in vehicles because they are more reliable and more efficient than CFL lights. They also produce much less heat, last longer, and are better for the environment too.

Common Causes of Tail Light Issues

LED tail light problems can occur for many different reasons. These can be worked through methodically often allowing you to fix the problem at home. Let’s look at the most common 5 reasons:

1. Failing Battery

Just like how home appliances require a main connection to work, so do your tail lights. If there’s no power going to the lights from the battery, then they won’t work. Luckily, checking your battery is very easy: just honk the horn! Listen to the noise your horn makes. If it sounds like it usually does, then your battery is okay. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to investigate the condition of your battery.

2. Damage to the Casing

As they’re an electrical component, your Audi’s LED lights can become damaged by water, which is why they have a watertight casing around them. If you develop tail light problems and notice that the casing is worn or cracked, then you probably have the answer to your problems. One of the leading causes of accelerated casing wear is jet washing, so when cleaning your Audi, make sure to avoid giving the casing a direct hit.

3. Fuses

Just like household appliances, your tail lights have fuses. This prevents damage caused by power surges. The fuses for your tail lights are found in your Audi’s control panel, which is usually found in the dashboard on the driver’s side. Check the fuse labeled “tail lights,” and if it is blown, it is easy to replace it.

4. Bulbs

Just as the lights in your home need their bulbs replaced from time to time, so do your tail lights. When the lights burn out, they need to be replaced. This typically happens even 50,000 miles in the case of LED’s and 10,000 for CFL bulbs.

5. Other Electrical Issues

If you’ve ruled out all of these simple fixes, then it is likely that the cause of the tail light issue is a little more complex and needs a professional diagnosis. Don’t try dabbling with your Audi’s electronics yourself, as you’ll likely cause much more expensive problems to occur.

European Motor Cars

When tail light problems strike, you need to Audi Tail Light Bulb Replacement resolve the issue quickly, not only to avoid being pulled over by the police, but also to keep you and other motorists safe. If you drive in or around Summerlin, Spring Valley, or Las Vegas, NV, you should make European Motor Cars your go-to Audi repair shop.

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