Failure of a BMW’s DSC system is both a common yet dangerous problem that drivers can face. DSC is an acronym for Dynamic Stability Control. This is the system that prevents your car from skidding due to oversteering or understeering in precarious conditions. If this system begins to fail, it may not work as designed, and this could lead to an accident. Keep reading for more information on DSC system failure, and how to solve this problem.

Signs of DSC System Failure

DSC system failure is thankfully very easy to spot. The most obvious sign is that the warning light will illuminate on your dashboard, alerting you that your car senses that something is amiss.

Other signs include breaking or drifting issues, especially when taking corners at higher speeds. This is a very dangerous problem, and if you are experiencing this you should bring in your car to get serviced immediately.

Another telltale sign that your BMW’s DSC system is failing is unexplainable changes in speed. A dangerous effect of DSC failure is changes in your acceleration when nothing else in the environment has changed. If your car is experiencing any of these signs, it is most likely your BMW is experiencing DSC failure and needs to be serviced by an expert as soon as possible.

Causes for DSC System Failure

When your DSC warning light comes on, you may wonder what happened to cause these issues. While many things can cause DSC failure, here are the top three that our experts in Las Vegas believe are most common.

  • Low On Brake Fluid: One explanation for DSC system failure is that your car may be low on brake fluid. The DSC system controls engine output to apply the brakes to one set of wheels, whether it be the front or back two. This is one of the most simple causes for DSC failure, which can easily be resolved with a quick trip to an expert mechanic.
  • Sensors Need To Be Replaced: Another cause for DSC system failure could be the sensors in your car. The purpose of the DSC is to help control the wheels and steering of the car. So any issues with the sensors could easily be the cause of failure in this complex system. The only way to solve this would be by taking your BMW to a specialty garage to repair these sensors. This is a complicated job that you should never attempt to do by yourself.
  • Problem with Your Battery Connection: Your car’s DSC failure could also be caused by issues with the battery connections in your car. The DSC system controls engine output to apply the brakes to one set of wheels. If there is a poor connection to the battery, then there is not enough energy being sent through the car to use these controls. Never try to fix your car battery yourself as there is a risk of electrocution and/or damaging your BMW’s electrical system. Always take your BMW to a trusted car garage with licensed mechanics.

Ways to Prevent DSC System Failure

The best way to prevent DSC system failure is simple: utilize your factory maintenance schedule and bring your car in for scheduled maintenance. Having your car serviced regularly by trained professionals is the best way to guarantee that any issues with your BMW’s DSC system will be caught and fixed before it is too late.

If you suspect that your car is already in DSC system failure, you’ll need to quickly bring it in to be serviced. Our expert mechanics at European Motor Cars in Las Vegas are well-versed with even the most complicated intricacies of BMW’s. We also proudly service Mercedes, Porsches, and Range Rovers.

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