The Volvo brand is well known for their superior technology and comfortable ride. As with any automobile, they are susceptible to damages and failures. It’s especially critical to have any concerns addressed by a Volvo specialist to be sure the proper issue has been addressed, and no further or hidden problems are also present.

If you hear rattling noises or the car seems to be vibrating while your foot is on the gas, it is possible you may be having issues with the motor mounts. Rattling sounds are sometimes normal, but anything excessive or over an extended period of time is often indicative of a larger issue at hand. Most often, this may be because of damaged engine mounts, especially if the rattling noises are experienced at higher speeds.

A sure sign of damaged motor mounts is excessive engine vibrations. As the problem worsens, the vibration will worsen alongside it. After one motor mount becomes damaged, the strain on the other mounts increases and can quicken any impending wear and tear on other engine parts.

At any time you notice your vehicle has been performing differently and the problem persists, it should be addressed by a certified specialist to save you time and your money. Prolonging the repair of a motor mount can snowball into many other costly car repairs.

What is the motor mount?

Hiding in plain sight, the motor mount often goes overlooked. Seemingly unimportant, the motor mount is one of the most crucial components in your engine. Your vehicle is equipped with several motor mounts to hold the engine in place. If the engine were not stabilized, this heavy and intricate piece would freely move around under the hood. This would cause extreme damage to its components and engine failure. Not only do the motor mounts protect the engine, but it also protects the rest of the car from the weight of the engine slamming around under the hood.

Common Causes of Motor Mount Failure

Overtime, motor mounts can fall victim to wear and tear, making damage to other parts and systems a likely side consequence. By having routing maintenance and service inspections, and by knowing when your car needs to be seen by a professional, you can prevent a failing motor mount from causing physical and financial damage.

Often, motor mounts can last an extremely long time without ever needing to be replaced, but motor mount failure can occur from weathering, mileage, and naturally over time. As wear occurs, if your vehicle encounters potholes, divots, or road debris, these may increase any present problems. So it is best to avoid any imperfections in the road.

By paying closer attention to road conditions and driving at appropriate speeds, one can drastically help to prevent any serious engine mount issues from arising.

Expert Care for Your Volvo

Many European car owners invest a lot of time and money in their vehicles, knowing the luxury and reliability that comes with the brand. However, Volvo Damaged Motor Mount Check even the most advanced vehicles are susceptible to faults and require routine upkeep.

When your car is in need of a tune-up, oil change, or seems to be functioning differently than usual, get it the help it needs by finding your most qualified professional team to best take care of you and your vehicle’s needs.

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