In recent years, cars have become more technologically advanced, including Volkswagen models. Many controls that drivers manually had to operate are now done by simply pushing a button. In order for these to work, cars are equipped with computers that read data from the various parts and adjust the driving experience accordingly.

As you may have guessed, these computerized systems require electrical energy to work and wires to connect it to every technological part of your Volkswagen. The wiring harness of your vehicle keeps all of these wires contained and safe so the electrical controls function as they should.

One common issue in Volkswagen vehicles is the failure of the wiring harness. When this happens, your driving experience will be greatly impacted. We’ve put together some common ways to detect wiring harness failure before the problem spins out of control.

Common Warning Signs of Wiring Harness Failure

When your Volkswagen’s wiring harness begins to fail, the issue will manifest itself in several ways. You must pay close attention to these signs and take your car to an experienced team of automotive specialists if you suspect that your harness is malfunctioning.

Because your wiring harness controls the electrical components of your Volkswagen, failure will result in all sorts of electrical malfunctions. These include:

Flickering/dimming of the headlights, taillights, and brake lights

If your wiring harness fails, the lighting system in your car will be negatively impacted. Since your lights work only through electricity, damaged or broken wires will prevent them from turning on when you try to control them. In the early stages of wiring harness failure, your lights will dim or flicker and may sometimes not turn on at all. This is dangerous because the lack of proper lighting will leave your blind in dark or inclement weather. You won’t be able to signal your intentions to other drivers, either. This could result in a serious crash if you aren’t careful.

The engine won’t start or has trouble starting

Wiring issues cause the ignition to fail. As a result, your engine won’t be able to start when you need it to. You won’t be able to drive at all if this happens. In the earlier stages, it may just take you several tries to start your Volkswagen.

You smell burning plastic

Any smell coming from your vehicle is troubling and will need an immediate inspection by a trained Volkswagen technician. If your wiring harness is failing, you may smell burning plastic instead of the strong oil or gasoline smells that you would with other issues.

Reasons Why a Wiring Harness Fails

Your Volkswagen’s wiring harness is likely failing for one of two reasons: the harness is worn or has broken from becoming too stiff. Any part of your car will wear down over time with regular use. It’s your job to get these parts replaced when your driver’s manual recommends or when you notice any troubling issues arising.

Soft, flexible wiring harnesses are harder to break, but stiff harnesses can snap and cause your wiring to fail. This most often happens because extreme weather has damaged the rubber that the harness is made of.

The Consequences of Delaying Repairs

A failing wiring harness in a Volkswagen is a serious issue, and neglecting to seek out proper care can result in disaster. In extreme cases, faulty wiring can cause your car to catch fire and maybe even explode. This is sure to result in injury and is sometimes fatal. Never procrastinate where your vehicle is concerned. The consequences could be devastating.

How to Repair a Failing Wiring Harness in a Volkswagen

If you suspect that your Volkswagen is suffering from wiring harness failure, you need to seek out a team of automotive specialists as soon as possible. Volkswagen Wiring Harness Issue Check Fortunately, help isn’t hard to find at European Motor Cars.

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