BMW drivers take great pride in ownership of one of the highest quality vehicles on the roadways. Some have waited years to earn the privilege of pulling this impressive vehicle into the garage each night. They are not about to allow the prestigious position of owning a BMW wane away due to neglected maintenance or repair. That is why European Motor Cars is offering a few tips to help you out with BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas.

3 BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas Tips

Leaks In The Vacuum System

For a BMW to operate efficiently, vacuum leaks must be attended to promptly. Unlike with other brands, even minor vacuum leaks will negatively impact a BMW’s drivability. In most cases, a warning light will be triggered to let the driver know a vacuum leak has occurred, but the source of the leak is not pinpointed by the vehicles code reader.

One of the most common causes of vacuum leaks on this brand is a faulty neoprene seal on the oil filter cap. To prevent this and the damage it might cause, routinely replace the neoprene seal once every two years.

Airflow Sensor BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas

A number of BMW engines, in particular, those with turbochargers, use more oil than others and this can have a negative effect on the Mass Air Flow sensor which measures the temperature, flow and moisture content of air coming into the engine. This is due to the excess oil coating the sensor’s heated element which in turn prevents accurate information from being sent to the Powertrain Control Module.

To resolve problems, such as poor acceleration, loss of power, rough idling/running and others, BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas recommends using an approved solvent to clean the MAF sensor element regularly or have it replaced at pre-set intervals.

Don’t Ignore Service Interval Indicator Lights

Proper BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas means never ignoring the Service Interval Indicator lights when they come on before you have reached the recommended mileage for an oil change. The system used to determine when the oil should be changed uses an algorithm that considers other factors to calculate this. For more information on BMW Repair Maintenance Las Vegas contact us online or call (702) 367-7140 today.

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