A Volvo’s strut bearings are an important safety feature in Volvo cars. They are located between the strut and the body of the car, and their purpose is to reduce noise and vibration from the road. Volvo strut bearings are made of a soft metal that is able to absorb shock, and they are designed to last for the life of the car. In order to work properly, Volvo strut bearings must be lubricated regularly. If a Volvo strut bearing starts to make noise, it is likely that it needs to be replaced. Volvo recommends that all Volvo cars have their strut bearings checked every 30,000 miles.

Causes of Defective Strut Bearings

Several factors that cause this problem include:

  • Wear: Wear and tear to the bearings as a result of long-term use of the car can cause it to function poorly.
  • Corrosion: The bearings, though strong, are susceptible to corrosion from salt, sand, and water.
  • Bad roads: Fractures to the bearings can result from poorly made or damaged roads. Collisions can also affect the bearings.
  • Micro-vibrations: Incorrect hardening of the bearings and micro-vibrations of the car can also cause the bearings to become worse over time.
  • Temperature: The bearings are made to withstand temperature differences but freezing conditions usually negatively impact the bearings, especially as it may occur over time.
  • Bad design: A poor factory design or trying to use an incompatible bearing in your Volvo will lead to quick problems.

Watch for These Symptoms of a Bad Strut Bearing

A bad strut bearing can alert you in several ways. You just need to know what to look for and work on the problem quickly before you incur more damage. A bad strut bearing may produce the following sounds:

  • Knocking or clunking noise: This mostly happens over bumps or when you are trying to make a turn.
  • Uneven tire wear: A possible but more unlikely situation is uneven tire wear, worse on the side with the defective bearing.
  • Alignment problems: A problem with alignment can be indicative of a defective strut bearing which can even affect the steering and suspension.
  • Stiff or jerky steering: Defective strut bearing can result in a stiff steering, requiring more maneuvering from the driver. Sometimes, the steering can be jerky, which can be observed when you make a turn or when you are in a lower gear and moving slower.
  • Vibrations: When you have a bad strut bearing, your Volvo may present with strong vibrations through the suspension and steering.
  • Extended braking distance: A defective strut bearing can cause trouble with your braking, causing your braking system to be less effective.
  • Problems with shock absorbers: Bad strut bearings will create problems with the shock absorbers by causing increased wear.

Each of these symptoms on their own doesn’t necessarily indicate a defective strut bearing, but when most of them occur together, you can easily suspect a problem with the bearings. Repairs should be done by a professional who should change both front wheels at the same time. Trying to repair this on your own may lead to serious injuries. A defective strut bearing should be changed, not managed. This problem can also be caught during routine maintenance, which is why milestone maintenance is so important for all cars.

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