Audi’s drivers should not have to spend their time worrying about their camshaft tensioner working. Although car repairs and maintenance are part of car ownership, regular tune-ups and inspections can cut down on this dramatically and keep your Audi‘s components and systems in good working condition.

Your camshaft tensioner ensures that all the belts are tight and have proper tension. The two most essential belts that car owners should be concerned about are the timing belt and the serpentine belt.

The timing belt is essential to running your car. This belt connects your Audi’s engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft. It plays a crucial role in controlling the valves and pistons in your car. If your timing belt is broken, the vehicle will not start. If the timing belt breaks while driving, additional damage will happen to the engine inside the compartment. This is why having a healthy timing belt is essential for your vehicle’s longevity.

The serpentine belt is also vital. This belt powers all your Audi’s systems, including power steering, the alternator, the water pump, and air-conditioning. If this breaks while you are driving, you will also have a hard time steering. In addition, the water pump will stop circulating coolant through the radiator and engine, and your car will overheat.

The camshaft tensioner must get oil from the engine. This is the key component to making sure the pressure of the belts in your Audi is maintained.

Signs of a camshaft tensioner leak

The good news is that there are many warning signs that you could notice before this problem gets too big. Keep reading for signs to watch out for.

  • The car will not start: One of the signs of a leaking camshaft tensioner is that you try to start your car, and the engine will not turn over. This can be an indication that the camshaft has leaked enough for the timing chain to break.
  • Unusual sounds: When the serpentine or timing belt has become loose due to a leaking camshaft tensioner, your car will start making strange sounds. Some of the more common sounds you may hear include a constant ticking, a loud clicking, or grinding. The sounds can come from your Audi’s inability to provide proper tension.
  • Acceleration problems: You may also notice acceleration problems. Usually, this will happen when your car hits 20004000 RPM’s.
  • Heavy exhaust fumes: You might also notice smoke or an abnormal amount of fumes is coming from your exhaust. This could indicate that your timing belt is worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • Irregular belt wear: During regular inspections and maintenance of your Audi, you may notice that your belts have unusual wear and tear. This can include the edges of the belt fraying.
  • Check engine light comes on: A final warning sign is that your check engine light Although your check engine light can come on for various reasons, if it has illuminated, you should notify your mechanic and make an appointment. Also, if this is paired with any of the above symptoms of a leaking camshaft tensioner, you should let your garage know. This will help them identify the problem immediately.

Prevention of a Camshaft Tensioner Leak

Camshaft tensioner leaks can be prevented by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. By sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, your trusted and experienced mechanic will have the opportunity to notice and identify any problem areas of your Audi. They can replace any parts before they become an issue for you. This allows you to save time and money down the road, as some issues such as a failing camshaft tensioner can cause a lot of other damage if it breaks before replacement.

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