Although Volvo is a family car, it has a certain luxury about it that makes it appealing. Many people choose this car because it’s reliable, long-lasting, and beautiful.

The Volvo, like many other cars, comes equipped with advanced mechanics and technology that makes it function properly. One of these relatively new innovations is the front strut.

What Role Does the Front Strut Play?

The front struts look like tiny screws with a spaghetti-shaped cord around it. They’re found in the suspension system and play a vital role in keeping your car level with the ground. Without these little tools, your Volvo may drive rougher than usual.

Located at the front of your vehicle, struts work to absorb shocks and work with other portions of the suspension system to create an optimal drive. Although relatively small, they play a major role in keeping your Volvo smooth and luxurious.

The vital role the front struts play is to offer structural support to your car when it encounters too much weight and road difficulties. For example, if you encounter unusually rough terrain, your front struts will work with your suspension to absorb shock and make the adjustments. By working with the suspension system, these tiny tools help to regulate communication between the wheels and steering.

Another important role that the front struts play is a connector. Within the suspension system, there are two “levels” that must be connected in order to function properly. The front struts make this union happen by connecting the two levels through a ball joint. By connecting these two systems together, the car is able to seamlessly navigate the roads.

What Are Signs of Damaged Struts?

Since these little pieces play a major role in absorbing shock and taking on stress, it’s no surprise they encounter a great deal of wear and tear. Because of this, front struts need consistent maintenance in order to function properly.

One of the first signs of front strut failure is sudden rocking. If your car begins to shake, rattle or rock back and forth while parked, you need to get your suspension system checked out. This could pose a real threat to you and those around you if left unaddressed.

Another sign is an odd noise that occurs when your brake. In addition, your car may seem to thrust forward like a “nosedive”; thus signaling that there is something awry with your suspension. Likely, your front struts may just need a quick replacement.

As mentioned, rocking back and forth is a clear indication of suspension issues. However, so is swaying. If your car can’t handle even the slightest of wind, it may be a clear indication that too much stress has impacted the suspension system. Therefore, it’s unable to adjust at even the slightest of environmental changes. This is due in part to faulty front struts. They may be unable to absorb that shock and allow consistent swaying to overtake your car.

Finally, if you begin to notice your tires are wearing more frequently than before, this may be a sign of suspension and strut damage. As mentioned, if the struts are unable to communicate with your wheels, your wheels are no longer protected and left to their own devices.

The best way to avoid this issue is to keep your car well-maintained and constantly serviced. This will help you address problems at the first sign of damage. Working with a skilled mechanic will help you preserve the life of your Volvo and protect your overall investment.

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