The clutch is one of the most integral parts of the engine mechanism in a BMW with a manual transmission. It works by connecting and disconnecting the shafts that are linked between the engine and the power output. In other words, the clutch allows the driver to disengage the wheels while avoiding a shut off of the engine.

Tips to Protect the Clutch and Pressure Plate

There are several practices that you, as a driver, can do to help maintain the function and life of your clutch. By being vigilant, you can avoid premature wear and tear.

Always use first gear for take off

When you choose to initially accelerate in a gear other than first, you increase the risk of wearing out the pressure plates.

Use the brake/emergency brake

One of the easiest ways to prevent unnecessary strain or damage to the clutch is by utilizing the handbrake when applicable. While in park, use this brake instead of leaving the car in gear. You can also implement this strategy when sitting on a hill or incline.

Don’t keep the clutch partially pressed down or “ride the clutch.”

Keeping the clutch somewhat pressed all the time will lead to excessive friction and cause it to wear out much quicker than normal.

Common Problems with the Clutch

Like with any mechanical issues in your BMW, there may be warning signs that signal a problem. This is especially true when it comes to the clutch. When these symptoms present themselves, you should have your BMW checked as soon as possible by an expert mechanic. Some of these signs include:

Sounds coming from the pedal

As you push the clutch pedal, odd noises can signal a mechanical issue. This typically happens when the engine is off.

Difficult to get into gear, especially reverse

If the engine seems to be stuck in gear, the pressure plates can be damaged or there may be a significant issue with the linkage system.

Clutch pedal is hard to press

A pedal that requires more force to depress than typically needed is a glaring red flag.

Clutch slippage

If the clutch drive is beginning to deteriorate or is worn out, your BMW will perform inadequately. As you release the pedal and try to accelerate, the vehicle will move slowly but the engine will rev up.

Improper acceleration when switching gears

Sometimes the clutch may be misaligned, thus causing the linkage system to send the wrong amount of force during a gear change.

Vehicle will not change gears

This can be a serious and potentially dangerous situation. If the cables are broken, there are leaks in the cylinder or air in the lines, the clutch may not operate at all.

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