Porsches are admired by collectors as well as car enthusiasts because of their unique exterior and powerful, performance engines. Porsche owners understand the importance of regular maintenance. Unfortunately, even with the best care and maintenance, your Porsche can still experience driveshaft support failure. This type of failure isn’t common, but it happens enough that you should know the signs and symptoms of a driveshaft support failure.

What is the driveshaft support?

The driveshaft support bearing does as its name suggests: it supports the driveshaft. The purpose of the driveshaft is to transfer the engine’s power to the wheels. If the driveshaft does not have adequate support, your Porsche could be left undrivable.

Symptoms of Driveshaft Support Failure

If your driveshaft support fails, you will experience symptoms that can be scary. The most common symptoms of failure include:

  • Shuddering: A faulty support bearing can cause your Porsche to shudder during acceleration. Since the faulty bearing cannot provide proper support, the drive shaft can flex. This can lead to intense vibrations and shuddering. In severe cases, the driveshaft may move enough that it damages the driveshaft and the chassis.
  • Vibrations: If the driveshaft support bearing fails, you can experience intense vibrations.
  • Strange Noises: When the driveshaft is not properly stabilized, it will move around. This will lead to strange noises such as clunking, squeaking, rattling and scraping.
  • Trouble Turning: If the driveshaft support fails it can prevent the wheels from turning properly. This can make steering hard since you do not have complete control of the car. This issue needs to be addressed immediately.

Causes of Driveshaft Support Failure

Driveshaft support bearing failure is more common in the Porsche Cayenne than other Porsche vehicles. The most common causes of driveshaft support failure is caused by everyday wear and tear. All parts can fail over time. Everyday wear and tear is a major factor in the failure of the driveshaft support bearing. The more you drive, the quicker the component will wear out.

Manufacturing defects can occur, even though they are rare. Mistakes can happen and your model could be victim to an extremely rare parts flaw. Also, improper installation can occur. If the driveshaft support bearing is not installed properly, it can fail.

The driveshaft support bearing is critical for supporting the driveshaft. It reduces vibrations and sliding during turns. When it begins to break down, the vibrations may become more noticeable and then worsen.

Preventing Driveshaft Support Failure

Over time, the driveshaft support bearing can wear out and fail. The best way to prevent any failure is by keeping current on your maintenance schedule.

When you bring your Porsche into European Motor Cars, our expert mechanics will perform an inspection and look for any issues that may cause future problems anywhere in your Porsche. Fixing any issues right away will prevent costly repairs and breakdowns in the future.

We handle all preventative maintenance needs including:

  • brake repairs and service
  • check engine light diagnosis
  • factory required service
  • fluid checks and changes
  • oil changes
  • suspension services
  • transmission maintenance
  • tire rotation and wheel alignment

Is it Safe to Drive with Driveshaft Support Failure?

The driveshaft support bearing is an important part of the drivetrain. When it fails, it can greatly impact your Porsche’s drivability. If you are experiencing any symptoms of failure, you should have it diagnosed and fixed right away.

If the problem is not corrected immediately, the vibration can get worse and cause damage to the driveshaft and other components. The driveshaft can also fall. This will disable your car and leave you stranded.

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