Many modern cars like the Jaguar have evolved over the years in design and as technology has advanced. The interiors have changed notably to accommodate the different technological advancements, too. One of these changes was the replacement of manual windows with automated power windows.

However, just as the hand-rolled windows have their problem, the power windows are also susceptible to malfunction. Most times the cause of malfunctioning of the power is a result of a fault with the window regulator control.

The window regulator controls the ability of the window to be rolled up or down. The regulator has many smaller components, and as such, whenever it shows signs of malfunction, it needs to be replaced.

Symptoms of Window Regulator Malfunction

Knowing what signs point to a faulty window will go a long way to diagnose the problem and keep it from escalating to a more complicated one. The following signs show that the window regulator has begun to malfunction:

  • Noises While Rolling Up the Window: When there is a clicking or grinding noise when you try to roll down or up the window in your Jaguar, then the regulator is malfunctioning. Sometimes this may occur as a result of dirt accumulating or an object lodged in between the window space of your Jaguar.
  • Window goes down after being rolled up: When you roll up the window of your Jaguar and it falls back into the car door or it seems off-centered or crooked, then the window regulator is bad and needs to be replaced. It is important to pay attention and fix this issue as soon as possible so as to protect your beloved items from thieves, and also, the interior of our Jaguar from being damaged by the weather.
  • Delayed response when the button is pushed: Your Jaguar is designed and built in such a way that every component should respond immediately once it is engaged. If the window regulator of your Jaguar does not respond immediately when the button is pressed, then the window regulator has begun to malfunction. Sometimes this problem may be caused by the button itself. That is why you need the help of an expert who will determine the main cause of the delayed response.
  • Window moves slower or quicker than the normal speed: The window regulator is fixed to control the speed at which the window is rolled up and down. If the regulator of our Jaguar malfunctions, the window would move at a much slower speed than normal.

Causes of Window Regulator Failure

The following may cause the window regulator of your Jaguar to malfunction.

  • The pulley cables which move the windows may wear out over time or even detach completely from the window and as a result, the regulator would be unable to control the window’s movement.
  • Overheating due to excessive stress and use may cause the regulator to completely fail. It is important to let your Jaguar cool down whenever it overheats before you continue using it.
  • When the temperature is freezing, it can lead to a disconnect between the window and the regulator.

How to Get Help with Your Jaguar’s Window Regulator Malfunction

If you suspect that the window regulator of your Jaguar is not working properly, you need to get it fixed immediately to protect your vehicle and other belongings in it. To ensure you get the best service, you need to take it to a professional mechanic with experience in fixing window regulators in Jaguar vehicles.

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