Driving a Mercedes is a privilege you’ve worked hard to accomplish. These are high-quality, dependable luxury cars that are an investment for the owner. If your Mercedes is showing signs of erratic shifting, you have reason for concern. When your transmission fails, your vehicle is inoperable. Sometimes a transmission problem can lead to an expensive repair.

The main thing you need to do after you notice erratic shifting is to ensure your vehicle is properly diagnosed so you can get the problem promptly and properly addressed. You shouldn’t keep driving the car if you suspect a transmission problem, as doing so can make the problem worse.

What Does It Mean If A Transmission Is Slipping?

If your car’s transmission is not transmitting the power of the engine to the car’s wheels (drivetrain) like it should, then the transmission is slipping. The torque and speed of the car should increase proportionately when everything is working right. When the transmission is slipping, the vehicle’s acceleration and pickup don’t properly respond.

If you don’t address this issue, it will only worsen, causing potentially costly damage. There are many different issues that could cause a transmission to malfunction or slip. The problem must be properly diagnosed so it can be addressed and the repairs made before further damage is done to the automatic transmission in the Mercedes.

Why Doesn’t My Automatic Transmission Shift Properly?

There are several reasons that your transmission might not shift right. You should check the fluid. If the fluid is low, your transmission might experience shifting problems. If the transmission fluid is burnt or dirty, shifting problems can result. If the transmission filter gets clogged, your car might have uneven, difficult shifting. Sometimes changing the filter and fluid can correct the problem.

If the transmission fluid and filter are okay, there is the possibility that a bad sensor or shift solenoid could be causing the slipping. There should be a light illuminated on the dash, such as the check engine light, which indicates that your vehicle needs to be checked. You should take your vehicle in to a qualified auto repair facility so that it can undergo proper diagnosis. A computer scan will reveal codes that will determine what is wrong with your car, so the right repairs can be addressed.

Common Causes for Slipping Transmission

Other than dirty or burnt transmission fluid, there are several other causes for a slipping transmission. Here are some of the other causes for a transmission to fail.

Transmission fluid leak

If you have noticed low transmission fluid levels, it might indicate that there is a transmission fluid leak. When your transmission is leaking fluid, the odds of it slipping increase significantly. A leak could happen anywhere, such as ruptured fluid lines, a leaky pan, a worn pan gasket, faulty seals, or a cracked torque converter. If you keep driving your car with a leak in the transmission, you can cause serious internal damage. You should make sure the leak is sealed quickly. Be sure to check underneath your car and in your driveway for any leaks. You can take care of seal leaks with special friction modifier additives.

Broken or worn transmission bands

When transmission bands become broken or worn, the transmission will slip, and as a result you can suffer engine problems or worn gears. Bands link the gears in the automatic transmission together, so you will need to replace or adjust any defective transmission bands.

Clutch problems

Automatic transmissions use clutches just as manual transmissions do. Clutch plates are in the transmission and in the torque converter. They can become burnt or worn. These need to be replaced as soon as possible, and the fluid must be changed.

Worn gears

Gears can wear out over time because of a malfunction or because of normal wear and tear. If gears are worn or frayed, they won’t link as they should, so they should be replaced.

Getting Your Automatic Transmission Repaired

Mercedes Cars in a Row Transmission issues should be diagnosed by a professional repair facility. Issues such as replacing or adjusting bands, gears, or clutches, require the transmission be dismantled. If you have a slipping transmission, call European Motor Cars today. We’re convenient to Spring Valley, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Las Vegas, NV, and specialize in maintenance and service on your Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Range Rover, Volvo, or Volkswagen.

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