If your Mercedes starts to experience rattling in its rear suspension, your vehicle may feel unstable and unbalanced. Having a bad rear suspension can make controlling your vehicle difficult, especially when turning. Turning with a faulty rear suspension can feel like your vehicle is drifting when it is trying to turn. Also, if you are hearing a clunking or rattling like noise when going over bumps, this can be a sure sign your Mercedes needs rear suspension repair.

Your suspension system is designed to ensure that your vehicle smoothly goes over bumps in the road while providing traction by keeping your wheels on the ground. If you start to feel every bump, this should serve as a warning sign that your Mercedes may need maintenance.

A sure way to identify that your rear suspension is the problem is by doing the bounce test. Pull into a safe area and put your vehicle in park. Press down on the trunk of your vehicle with all your weight and let go. See if the vehicle bounces more than three times. If this happens, your rear suspension is damaged.

Components of the Mercedes Rear Suspension

  • Airmatic Air Springs: Most modern Mercedes use air as springs in order to absorb shock and keep the suspension level when going over bumps.
  • Shock Absorbers: These absorb kinetic energy by dampening this stored energy and transferring it to heat.
  • Anti Roll Bars: The purpose of the anti roll bars is to maintain weight distribution while your Mercedes is executing turns. This is why your vehicle doesn’t roll over when turning.
  • Five Link Rear Suspension: Some Mercedes have 5 arms or links. These arms/links help support the suspension and help absorb the bounce when going over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Identifying What Parts of Your Rear Suspension May Be Causing the Rattling

Lubrication can be a reason why you might hear a rattling in your rear suspension. Lubricant is needed on your vehicle’s parts in order to make sure that all the various parts can move without grinding together which can cause a rattling like sound.

Aging ball joints can also be serving as a potential problem. A way to identify that the ball joints may be the problem is when you hear the rattling most often during turning.

Another potential issue could be the suspension bushing. The bushing is the cushioning that is connected to the joints of the suspension system. It is made of rubber and it absorbs vibrations which should minimize any clunking or rattling sounds.

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