Vehicles have many systems and technologies that help make them function properly and safely. Audi’s are no exception. Because they are known for their masterful engineering, Audi’s have the best technology a vehicle can possess.

All of the systems in an Audi come together to produce a vehicle with top of the line performance and capabilities. However, sometimes we forget about the less dynamic features on a vehicle.

The lights on your Audi are an example of an overlooked vehicle feature. We don’t often think about how important the lights on our vehicles are, but they are one of the most important safety features a vehicle possesses.

A vehicle’s lights make sure you are visible on the road. They notify other drivers which way you are going and they help you see the road in front of you. Like every other feature, they malfunction from time to time. Here are some of the reasons the lights on your Audi are erratic and where you can go for help.

Alternator Issues

Alternators work with your Audi’s battery to keep the vehicle running. The alternator also keeps your battery charged. It works with the battery to create the electrical power needed to help your Audi function. If your lights are erratic on your Audi, there could be an issue with the alternator, so you should bring your vehicle in for inspection if you notice a glitch.

Electrical Issues

Electricity is extremely important to a vehicle’s functionality. Electrical issues can be brought on due to malfunctioning wiring. Faulty wiring can lead to disrupted connections between the vehicle’s lightbulb and the battery.

Another reason for electrical issues in your Audi can be faulty fuses. Faulty fuses can cause disruptions between the electrical currents and the components they are designed to power.

Faulty Brake Switch

This issue is directly associated with the tail lights on your Audi. Though this isn’t as common as faulty headlights, malfunctioning tail lights do happen. The tail lights may become erratic when there is an issue with the car’s brake light switch. The brake light switch is the electrical switch that is in charge of turning the tail lights on and off. When this is malfunctioning, the lights aren’t being notified correctly and will malfunction as well.

General Maintenance

Sometimes the main issue for your lights being erratic has nothing to do with the malfunctioning of internal parts or misconnections between electrical signals or damaged electrical systems. Sometimes the reason for your Audi’s lights being erratic is simple. Like the lightbulbs in our homes, the lightbulbs in our vehicles simply burn out, too. If the lightbulb in your head or tail light is burned out, you can bring it in to have the bulb easily replaced.

European Motor Cars Will Fix Your Erratic Lights

Erratic and malfunctioning lights can be an annoying issue you have to deal with, but more urgently, it can be an issue that Audi Alternator Check is affecting the safety of not just you, but every other driver on the road.

We use our lights to not just see while we are driving, but to communicate our intentions to turn, brake, and more. Because of this, the lights on our vehicles need to be in the best working condition possible.

If you notice that your lights aren’t shining as bright as expected, come visit us at European Motor Cars. We service European luxury vehicles all over Southern Nevada including Summerlin, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, NV. Our highly-skilled technicians only service vehicles with world-class tools and technology. We have extensive experience European luxury vehicles and are happy to offer that experience to you and your vehicle.

Along with extensive technical experience and state-of-the-art machinery, we offer best in class customer service. We have financing options for your vehicle services, loaner vehicles while yours is being serviced, and shuttle services to take you to your home or work.

Whether you just have a suspicion that your Audi’s lights are malfunctioning and you need an expert opinion, or you have fully confirmed your Audi’s lights are malfunctioning and need us to repair them, come visit us and see why we have been rated the number one European service center for 30 years.

* Audi Wagon Car image credit goes to: AdrianHancu.

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